Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cold January Dublin evening cycles

Since I got back to Dublin the weather has been dismal, cold, wet, windy.
My brother bought me the Lezeyne Superdrive XL light for Christmas/ birthday. Now I can cycle along the Strawberry Beds in the pitch black, and it's not pitch black anymore - just cold and quiet.
But I love cycling down there.
One of the evenings this heavy mist just appeared enveloped me.
At first I thought it was smoke from someone's chimney, but as I cycled into it I realised it was mist and it was FREEZING, and then I just cycled out of it.
Strange experience - So atmospheric, especially when I'm cycling on my own and it's so quiet except for the sound of my wheels.
The Lezyne is good, but the battery life isn't.
I will need to order a couple of rechargeable spare batteries if I want to be out for longer than 90 mins.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day cycle to Bolton Abbey/ Cavendish with Otley CC


A huge benefit from getting alcohol poisoning about 2 years ago is that I can't go near alcohol no more.
I have a sip and I can't drink anymore, I'm sure I could be hypnotised into drinking it again, but to be honest, I think my life is better has been a bit better without the hangovers or expense of boozing!

So New Year's day morning, I was up, shiny as a new button, ready for a cycle out to Bolton Abbey.

*There was a strava map here - but for some reason all strava maps on this blog have disappeared. Can't find out why online - so ???

First to arrive
mOtley Crew in Ilkleh
I thought it would be dead at the tea rooms in Bolton Abbey given that it was early morning on New Year's Day, but it was full of cyclists and walkers and families.
Outside it was pouring rain.
Bolton Abbey in the background
Yorkshire weather
Yorkshire colours
Yorkshire chats
Yorkshire cycling - Nowt like it. Great to meet up with everyone. I love the route out to Bolton Abbey - highly recommend if you want a Yorkshire feeling cycle.